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Yoga Classes in Brampton

Experience Yoga at your own pace. Mind body connection is about experiencing movement and postures while connecting with your breath. Relax into the moment and enjoy the feeling of not having to get somewhere other than where you already are.

If you are ready to begin an authentic Yoga practice that is based on honouring and accepting your body, no matter what shape you are in, or how inflexible you think you are, please call me and you can begin any time. "If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. But not just any Yoga... the Yoga that is right for you" - Mark Whitwell

Fall Class Registration

Registration is now open for Fall classes, so sign up now as spaces are limited. In the event of a full class, preference will be given to returning students.
Due to popular demand, there is a new Thursday 6-7pm Gentle Yoga class which is suitable for new students, and those requiring modifications due to physical restrictions. Cost is $150 for 15 weeks.

Yoga Classes

My Yoga classes are designed with attention to individual needs. Beginner students are guided towards understanding the basic postures, alignment principles and most importantly - paying attention to how they are breathing. Experienced students are gradually introduced to postures with increasingly more complex options. All students work at their own pace, explore options that are appropriate for their unique abilities. See the Yoga Class Schedule to find a day and time to join.


Hot Stone Massage Thai Yoga Massage and Hot Stone Massage are available holistic treatments that are booked by apppointment. Thai Yoga Massage is a lot like having Yoga done TO you. The client relaxes on a thick mat, fully clothed at all times. The Thai Massage practitioner guides the client into a series of movements and stretches that benefit all systems of the body.

Hot Stone Massage is a table top massage done with heated Basalt stones which are smooth and applied directly to the desired locations; usually lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders. The stones release tension at a deep level because the heat penetrates and helps loosen muscle knots, improve circulation and detoxify the body.

Please check for the monthly massage special.
Current Offer: Come in for a 90minute Thai Massage for $45 (Regular price $60). Continue with monthly 90 minute sessions for the same lower rate providing they are booked within 1 month and paid in advance.

NEW 8am Drop In Class

Join us on Thursday at 8am for a light 60min Yoga Stretch. This class is designed to open up the body and remove any morning stiffness with light asana so that you can move through your day with greater ease. Suitable for everyone. $10 per class.